Daily facial cleanser for a glowing and flaunting skin:

facewash is an essential part of our daily routine. Whether your skin is oily, dry, acne-prone, or sensitive you would use a facewash. Facewash is a skincare product that is used to cleanse the skin on your face that’s why it is always recommended to add a good facewash in your daily routine.


This facewash is a popular choice for those with sensitive skin. It reinforces the skin barrier, balances skin, and minimizes the appearance of pores. It is now available in fragrance-free, PH balanced and non-comedogenic formulas. It leaves your skin moisturized, clean, and fresh.

Ideal for sensitive, combination to oily skin:

It is clinically proven that this facewash is specially designed to deep clean skin by removing dirt, excess oils, impurities, and pollution microparticles. It doesn’t work that well on removing excess oil but for other purposes it’s a heaven.


It is specially designed with such ingredients which are packed to fight acne-causing bacteria. The main cleansing agents in this formula are sodium lauryl sulfate and stearyl alcohol, which are both mild and non-irritating. The cetyl alcohol and propylene glycol help moisturize and soften the skin, while the parabens act as preservatives to keep the product fresh.

Developed for even the most sensitive skin:

Cetaphil fragrance-free daily face cleanser is specially formulated for sensitive skin and especially with allergies it helps to soothe inflammation and itchiness. Most importantly it is clinically proven and dermatologists recommended face cleansers.

Defends against these skin sensitivity signs: Dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, and a weakened skin barrier. So, if you have any of these conditions and struggling to find a good face cleanser here’s the solution.

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