Tips for your favorite makeup

Your favorite makeup:
Revlon coral berry is a vibrant shade with a creamy texture that glides over your lips smoothly.

Comfortable formulation:
It is formulated with vitamin C and avocado which keeps your lips hydrated, moisturized, and comfortable

Bold, highly pigmented, lip color:
This comes in different shades that are highly pigmented and last long. It is a bold red shade that can go with various skin tones.

Lips-friendly ingredients:
The best thing about Revlon lipsticks is that they are formulated with lips-friendly ingredients, they are lightly weighted and you can wear them any day any time.

Unique finishes:
You can choose different unique finishes and the must-try finishes are classic and super lustrous in cream, matte, and gloss. 

Shade ranges:
There are over 130 plus shades available ranging from nudes, pinks, purples, and reds.

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